Karen has been sculpting, drawing and creating art since childhood but started her whimsical approach with clay in 2002 when she created a horse sculpture for a young girl who loved horses.  It was a big hit and before long other horse lovers were asking her to create one for them.

Looking back to the beginning, Karen says, "It just snowballed into a great business for me.  I started a small website and advertised on Internet horse forums and was instantly inundated with orders.  I've created hundreds of horses and dogs and have sold them throughout the U.S. as well as other countries.  People love their animals and appreciate the whimsical approach I take with them."

I'm committed to satisfying my customer base and providing quality products with a whimsical flare.
An animal lover from childhood, Karen has always seen the whimsical side of animals.  "They each have unique, individual personalities and I try to capture that essence."

"Each sculpture talks to me as I'm creating it.  It tells me how to position it and what facial expression it needs to have.  I love watching them come to life!"

Karen recently relocated to Kennesaw, GA with her dog, Junior.

She takes her inspiration from her animals as well as those of her friends and family.  
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